I am a professional developer  in Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP and VC++. I can offer software development, including consulting, design, deployment and ongoing support. I am very skilled in object oriented programming and design patterns and my work is always robust, reliable, maintainable, and elegantly coded in time.

The Beginning

I start coding in 1997 with two software projects

Dental Master Pro – Dental software, which was the first and biggest dental software, used by more than 500 dental clinics and practices for more than 10 years – not active project anymore because of the unclear requirements of the Bulgarian Health Insurance company (nhif).

www.stoki.com – Merchant website with about 50,000 businesses online started 2000

Now after 12 years of experience in IT industry I have experience in building software  solutions from specification of customer needs to manufacture and maintenance of the whole system.

Mission Vision Targets

My goal is to identify partners with ideas and made for them full implementation and maintenance of valuable IT solutions.

I can offer unlimited quality  in

  • Data harvesting – news, articles, posts, goods, prices etc.
  • Data retrieval
  • Websites

Check our portfolio page.