Web solutions


  • www.deljouartgroup.com
    www.deljouondemand.com – Ruby on rails apllication
  • http://www.psspy.se – Currently integrated with one of the biggest Swedish newsline  website DagensPs and Salongk
  • I have worked for Agent 25
    • Media Analisys tool using JFreeChart
    • The whole website was rewritten using wicket and j2ee technologies.
    • Webscrapper in Java with Groovy support
    • Backoffice applications
  • http://www.truckhandboken.se – Online catalog trucks.
  • www.cenite.com – Price compare search engine for Bulgaria with own web-spider/scrapper. The spider is written in OO Perl supports multiple servers and distribution. Good scheduling and very stable.
  • www.aplus.net – PERL, XML/XSL, online billing (Rodopi), fully skinable, multiplatform FreeBSD, Windows 2003 Server under development

Expired projects

Company websites



Desktop Solutions

  • Firefox Browser Helper Object
  • IE Toolbar (BHO) for Agent25
    Dynamicly displays the incoming news in the browser.
    Server side: Tomcat/Servlet/XSLT. Client side: Delphi, ActiveX
    Full version is available from here.
  • http://dentist.sps.bg – Software for dental practice and clinics
    Visual C++, SDI interface – many Views. Uses ODBC drivers to connect with MS Access Database, also it support Solid Database via ODBC. Custom written controls are widely used. Multilanguage support (Bulgarian, German, English), multimedia presentation CDROM with installation procedure, the help file supports web/win help/other formats.
    The software has been sold over 300 times.
  • Software for testing deaf people – specialized hardware required
    Visual C++, SDI, Access database, use the COM port to communicate with our made hardware.
  • Door-keeper software – serial ports
    Visual C++, SDI, Access database, used the COM port to communicate with our made hardware. Complex statistics for working time measuring.
  • Browser for commercial internet website for www.stoki.com
    Visual C++, SDI/HTTPS/PHP, used to record the user while browsing and sending this information on the server. It is used for pointing the good to be shopped from internet.


  • CD presentations with Macromedia Director  www.woodworking-bg.com
  • Broshures
  • Webdesign