How to help your self if the windows expires

What is your key that you are using:


Activation console:

I have searched in Internet for some activation removal tools like RESET 5 but I cant find any active online.

How to login in expired windows:

  • click login try pressing WIN-U keys to bring out the¬†Narrator dialog box. Then on the menu in the left, click About then click on the link for Microsoft website. IE will launch (not tested)
  • Or you could just go into safe mode with a DOS prompt; type explorer.exe and have a full safe mode machine running allowing you to bypass the activation with a hack

The conclusion is:

Use the aways the latest windows version. Turn off the windows updates to be not surprised bad.

My first trojan

Recently I have found my first trojan on my hard disk.

it is called 300lv because one bastered have taken from me 300lv to buy me cheap fdd-diskets and forgets to return me the money and the disketts.

So I have written this small self-installing app in return.

here it is for free download …


Awards: It is honered by the Bulgarian Academy Antivirus software.

The story continues. This code has no self-replication code in it. But in Bulgaria it seems that people like to do tricks to themselfs so after 2 years I have infected with my own trojan :)


And another of my friends has gone with his infected computer in the police asking them to arrest me /he doesnt know that I am the author of the trojan/ I was lucky that it was before 1994 and the police is sleeping.

Hacking Tools

Hack distributions

  • BackTrack is the most Top rated linux live distribution focused on penetration testing.
  • NST
  • Steganos Hacker Tools here ->
    (E-mail: Name: Serial: 50GWR0N-F71A39F)

    <- hidden text here


TOP100 tools

exploit search list – >

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