Just upgraded the ubuntu to 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) and what a surprise! I got MacOS look and feel.

Doing some research and I can’t believe Gnome3 has the same STUPID look as MacOS OMG!!!

What innovation  you see at copying the same OS from MAC. I remember the days when the Linux desktop looks innovating and it was pleasure to work with so many options. Now everything is going the Apple way.

I felt depressed is there around at least one windows manager which is not influenced from Apple?

I hate Dock launchers –¬† looks not innovating – it looks clumsy and old. Everything which is copied clumsy!

Gnome3 – you are going on the same path as Unity!

Windows7 – is 100 times better because it has its OWN LOOK AND FEEL – I’d rather work with windows7 than on a Gnome3/Unity. Blah!

The solution?

Xfce desktop is now closes to what Gnome was