In my example I will try to find the best tools for debugging windows programs.

General plan for cracking a program

  • install the program
  • search for already made cracks for this version
  • check what type of protection it has
  • search for universal patch/cracks/dongle emulators
  • Try

Define the right terms

Symbols win32

    Project managment tools

    Ticketing system

    trac is what I use today, here as some Ruby ones: something like trac Tracks



    Online colaboration – chat, presentation, word, databases, meeting.

    Nginx with Rails

    downloaded from here
    documentation here
    If you want to try different solution check it haproxy Continue reading

    Opera beautifully engineered…for my desktop

    I was nice surprised when I tried Opera browser for PC after aprx. one year Firefox usage.

    Zooming is faster and smarter than in every browser that I have used.

    Firefox boot like MS Windows, and is almost stable like it.

    Opera is faaaaast. Gmail is fast. And my work is going fast because all webpages are opening fast.

    What? Why you need faster browser if it doesnt support right CSS, DOM, or what ever?

    Who said this ? Check the tests for CSS2 and see that Opera and FF are failing apx on the same tests on the same places I am not sure even who is the winner. Check also this those acid tests also

    Does someone has tried the dragonfly plugin – analog for the firefox firebug ?

    I must agree that the Opera release 9.50 (Build 10063) has some strange javascript support. It happends that when I paste an URL for RSS in Opera, the current page disapears, maybe this is a feature and not a bug :)

    Also I am very very disapointed that I should write this article in FF because the build-in WordPress editordoesnt work for Opera :)

    My phone is manufactured!

    I was waiting for years for some company that will manifacture as good as sony k750 phone.

    The time has come, htc diamond is the choosen one :)

    Web Spiders and expired content

    All my spiders were taking all content from a website on a single visit starting from the begining.

    It seems that the idea of remembering which urls “produce” links with content is not so very bad.

    Here is what I found for – a local Bulgarian SE.

    I see that hasn’t remove from their page


    Even I have no links to this page. Check the result here

    Ops. Google do it the same way: here

    Then how to get rid of old pages without leaving “bad” links in internet?

    I will try to put show_categories.php in robots.txt to see what will happen with this page.

    Rails plugins, gems, search engines, applications

    Plugins & gems lists


    Versioning of AR


    Ajax pagination with JQuery

    Find_by_param is a nice and easy way to handle permalinks and dealing with searching for to_param values

    Asset Plugin – better than rails 2.0 integrated

    Asset Packager

    Image Magic


    Model graph visualize

    Article on


    Simple Captcha

    Memcached stuff

    Good rails 2.1 overview

    memcached -vv -l -p 11211 -m 256 -P /tmp/ -u mongrel


    monitor the connections with the hidden option in the memcached-tool

    echo $(($(netstat -nt | grep 11211 | grep -v WAIT | wc -l)/2)); ./memcached-tool dump > memdump; cat memdump


    alternative memcached client

    PDF Output

    Somone example report

    Need to be checked:


    ruport & acts_as_reportable
    some java reporting into rails

    Sending Email

    Inline email attachments plugin:

    Wiki integration



    Rails2.0 Video

    Performance and Loging

    Announcing Clientperf: Simple Client-Side Rails Performance

    web statistics – not free

    production log analyzers

    webstat like:




    Open source rails projects

    Server setup





    • check my post
    • gem install nginx_config_generator

    Online games

    Dual Monitors with NVidia

    aptitude install nvidia-glx-new
    aptitude install nvidia-settings

    Some options that you can put in the Screen section

    Option “NoLogo” “True”
    Option “RenderAccel” “True”
    # This turns on NVidias TwinView
    Option “TwinView”
    # Option “MetaModes” “1280×1024” “1152×864” “1024×768”
    # LeftOf, RightOf, Below, Above, or Clone.
    # Option “TwinViewOrientation” “LeftOf”

    will_paginate with ajax

    It is very easy to handle ajax pagination as described on this post here.

    I want to give one full example.

    Here is how my form looks:

    <% form_remote_tag :url => {
                          :action => 'handle_urls',
                          :script_id => @script,
                          :page => params[:page],
      :html => {:id => 'f'},
      :update => "filtered_articles_pane" do %>

    Here is how my will_paginate helper looks:

    <%= will_paginate @filtered_urls,
      :renderer => 'RemoteLinkRenderer',
      :remote => { :with => "'script_id=#{}&approved_flag='+$(\'approved_flag\')",
      :update => 'filtered_articles_pane'} %>

    I have used the improved version of the will_paginate:

    # Use it like so…
    # will_paginate :collection, :remote => {:with => 'value', :update => 'some_div'} 
    class RemoteLinkRenderer < WillPaginate::LinkRenderer
      def initialize(collection, options, template)
        @remote = options.delete(:remote)
      def page_link_or_span(page, span_class = 'current', text = nil)
        text ||= page.to_s
        if page and page != current_page
          @template.link_to_remote(text, {:url => url_options(page), :method => :get}.merge(@remote))
          @template.content_tag :span, text, :class => span_class

    Update for will_paginate 2.3.x

    # app/helpers/remote_link_renderer.rb
    class RemoteLinkRenderer < WillPaginate::LinkRenderer
      def prepare(collection, options, template)
        @remote = options.delete(:remote) || {}
      def page_link(page, text, attributes = {})
        @template.link_to_remote(text, {:url => url_for(page), :method => :get}.merge(@remote))

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