I was nice surprised when I tried Opera browser for PC after aprx. one year Firefox usage.

Zooming is faster and smarter than in every browser that I have used.

Firefox boot like MS Windows, and is almost stable like it.

Opera is faaaaast. Gmail is fast. And my work is going fast because all webpages are opening fast.

What? Why you need faster browser if it doesnt support right CSS, DOM, or what ever?

Who said this ? Check the tests for CSS2 and see that Opera and FF are failing apx on the same tests on the same places I am not sure even who is the winner. Check also this those acid tests also

Does someone has tried the dragonfly plugin – analog for the firefox firebug ?

I must agree that the Opera release 9.50 (Build 10063) has some strange javascript support. It happends that when I paste an URL for RSS in Opera, the current page disapears, maybe this is a feature and not a bug :)

Also I am very very disapointed that I should write this article in FF because the build-in WordPress editordoesnt work for Opera :)