The meaning of “phlpwcspweb3” or why you should not do abbreviations in the code

“phlpwcspweb3”  is found at the “Amazon Web Services – Tagging Best Practices

From what I can decode from “phlpwcspweb3”  this is something related to web, and probably there are at least 3 instances of that kind.

According to AWS this should be meaningful hostname.

If you have decoded this you probably do not need to read further….

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Prestigio 350 and iGO Last Packages

I love my GPS program.

This is a package with all the needed stuff that you need to travel in Bulgaria and Turkey

It includes all POI, speedcams, 3d, skins and more

Feel free to download from Prestigio 350 update

All maps are updated for feb. 2009 also igo is one of the latest igo 8.3.2

Please leave comment if you try this package on 450 or newer

How to help your self if the windows expires

What is your key that you are using:


Activation console:

I have searched in Internet for some activation removal tools like RESET 5 but I cant find any active online.

How to login in expired windows:

  • click login try pressing WIN-U keys to bring out the Narrator dialog box. Then on the menu in the left, click About then click on the link for Microsoft website. IE will launch (not tested)
  • Or you could just go into safe mode with a DOS prompt; type explorer.exe and have a full safe mode machine running allowing you to bypass the activation with a hack

The conclusion is:

Use the aways the latest windows version. Turn off the windows updates to be not surprised bad.

sys.txt options for Nav and Go aka IGO

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My first trojan

Recently I have found my first trojan on my hard disk.

it is called 300lv because one bastered have taken from me 300lv to buy me cheap fdd-diskets and forgets to return me the money and the disketts.

So I have written this small self-installing app in return.

here it is for free download …


Awards: It is honered by the Bulgarian Academy Antivirus software.

The story continues. This code has no self-replication code in it. But in Bulgaria it seems that people like to do tricks to themselfs so after 2 years I have infected with my own trojan :)


And another of my friends has gone with his infected computer in the police asking them to arrest me /he doesnt know that I am the author of the trojan/ I was lucky that it was before 1994 and the police is sleeping.

Remote desktop sharing, online presentation

Check Gobby if you want to edit/share documents with someone.

Wow! What a wonderfull article here its free, it has win/mac/linux versions!

A free software that lets others watch your screen in real time. No need to install any software, which is a plus. Works with Windows, Mac and Linux.

CroosLoop is also very easy to use, but requires that each party install the CrossLoop software onto their computers. Uses 128-bit encryption and allows for file-sharing also.

Another popular service for remote desktop sharing. Easily access remote PC’s by installing a client software onto each machine. Good for remote PC trouble-shooting, etc.

A good free tool for online collaboration, desktop sharing, and remote PC access. No registration required, no logins, very easy to use. Uses SSH to make connections to other PC’s.

SkyFex allows remote watching and remote control in real time. Does not require additional software installation and works transparently through NAT and Firewalls. Only for IE though.

TeamViewer has a couple of features, such as remote control of PCs, screen sharing, file transfer, chat ability, and is secure. Optional install for the TeamViewer software for it to work. NonComersial version available for free.


Free client and server software for Linux

FreeNX: Homepage
FreeNX: Download

2X: Homepage
2X: Download

Not free but the original and the best

NoMachine: Homepage
NoMachine: Download

Hacking Tools

Hack distributions

  • BackTrack is the most Top rated linux live distribution focused on penetration testing.
  • NST
  • Steganos Hacker Tools here ->
    (E-mail: Name: Serial: 50GWR0N-F71A39F)

    <- hidden text here


TOP100 tools

exploit search list – >

Windows Install Software

Hardware detection

CPUz – CPU, Motherboard, RAM

Everest Home Edition

performance test

Rsync for windows

  • I have tried this one. A lot of GUI it has run without any problem.
  • Next I will try this one it has an rsync server – nice…but it wants cygwin…maybe next time.
  • DeltaCopy Seems like a good match, but i cant just run the rsync that is in the zip file, you must setup some local servers etc.
  • Wonderfull blog with a lot more to read/try
  • Favorite clone: not found :(

Reset Windows Vista/XP/NT passwords

Download the iso from here, burn, boot (DBB), then use the

“NTFS TOOLS” > “Offline NT Password & Registry Editor”

Gigabyte Drivers

Very good driver services – >

Skin your windows


you will need to patch your UXTheme.dll, nice faq on the topic

New Pc Installation

Group Policy mmc will popup. On left panel:
* Double-click Computer Configuration to open submenu
* Double-click Administrative Templates to open submenu
* Double-click System to open submenu
* Double-click Turn autoplay off option which will be near the
bottom of the list in the right panel.

The default is the Not configured . Set it to Enabled.

Good tutorials for securing windows XP

Dealing with Virus/Trojan Thread

  • Upload some suspisious file for testing on some antivirus sofware webpage for online check

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