“phlpwcspweb3”  is found at the “Amazon Web Services – Tagging Best Practices

From what I can decode from “phlpwcspweb3”  this is something related to web, and probably there are at least 3 instances of that kind.

According to AWS this should be meaningful hostname.

If you have decoded this you probably do not need to read further….

Here is the long answer…

This is a great example of why we should not use abbreviations.

We have enough space in the DNS names, we have big storage so it should be a big deal of writing nice names.

The only tight space is in our mind.

I would recommend naming the host like that:


Of course, this could be possible if the resources in aws could support longer names, but unfortunately, they are limited and you are forced to use abbreviations.

so product-name-us-east-1-production-web-1 will be in aws  product-name-us-east-1-prod-web-1

So ugly.

If you are doing a deploys of a single product per account you might be lucky and make it look good again by skipping the product name.


Here is one funny real name:

company_name:prodevelopment:standard:app:ecs – is this the prod, or it is the development?

What means ENOENT ?

It’s an abbreviation of Error NO ENTry (or Error NO ENTity), and can actually be used for more than files/directories.

It’s abbreviated because C compilers at the dawn of time didn’t support more than 8 characters in symbols.