I writing this post for those who start using Mongo in their rails applications. I want to share my experience. First I discovered mongoid but then i saw mongo_mapperĀ  – so I decide to go with the crowd. But! I was wrong. I there is no documentation for mongo_mapper but some blog posts arround, the examples are not aways working and you have to fight with all the code – I don’t maybe I have found some old documentation. When you dive in the code – again no documentation and not clear behaviour. Maybe it is a good solution but for me it doesn’t work. I lost 1.5 days experimenting and hoping that the things will go.

Then I give a try with mongoid. It has wonderfull documentation for starters also it seems at first glance that the code in mongoid is more readably and human friendly. It took me 2hours to port all my models to mongoid.

The guy developing mongoid seems pretty active.

last words – it is pleasure to work with mongoid – I recommend it to all.