Firefox is not a browser – it is OS !

I want to add two check-marks under this link from the Firefox website. In case the link is outdated here is an  to get for what I am talking about.

My theory is that Firefox is an Operating System :)

  1. It boot like OS (I mean slow)  – X for Firefox, V – for IE
  2. It takes huge memory (like some modern OS)   – X for Firefox, V – for IE
  3. With Firefox you can browse less pages than with an IE/other browser – X for Firefox, V – IE
  4. I asked google two queries (sorry FF) :
    1. why ie is better than ff 
      –  Results 1 – 10 of about 11,300,000 for why ie is better than ff. (0.37 seconds) 
    2. why ff is better than ie
       – Results 1 – 10 of about 11,200,000 for why ff is better than ie. (0.32 seconds) 
Now the result is little bit changed.



  1. And it has SP’s and patches like OS too. Its an OS, definitely.

  2. I have forgot that one, 10x!

  3. Perhaps you should look into another operating system instead? :P

    For me, running Linux.
    1. Takes less than a second to start with a 200+ tabs session, although it probably takes a minute to finish loading the content of every tab.
    2. 80MB out of 4GB is much?
    3. Makes no sense… I guess this is the famous US banking systems you’re talking about?
    4. You forgot to check every page in the results.

    And it has SP’s and patches like OS too. Its an OS, definitely.

    Which is much better than re-installing everything for every update, like certain browsers do…

  4. Generally, people who prefer IE over Firefox simply don’t use Firefox and SAY they don’t like it. Maybe they didn’t take any time to get used to it. Generally, people who genuinely don’t like Firefox who have valid reasons go on to prefer something like Chrome browser.

    As for Chrom – simply lying and trying to impress people with a 1 second startup time just shows that people ‘running Linux’ include idiots that expect people to believee something like that. Maybe under a second to maximise the browser…. and the initial startup time isn’t so important anyway.

    The key to Firefox is that – the basic browser is too basic and needs initl setting up – Mousegestustures etc. The fault with Firefox is that 70% of people don’t install any add-ons. Firefox should build in basic essentials (like gestures, possibly flashblocker with a switch in the menu etc) to give a better basic experience.

    I run Firefox in Linux – I launch it with CTRL ALT F – which is a keyboard shortcut for “sh -c “export MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1; firefox-3.5 -no-remote -P”” – so for me it’s generally very fast, stable, and far superior to IE. But then, most of us here are not average users.

  5. I was frustrated about the browser compare chart which has been published on the ff website. I am glad to see that this chart is off-line now. The idea was to show that this chart is only showing one side of the firefox browser.

    Ben: thanks for the tip. Another one for making ff faster is to have different profiles for the different kind of jobs. Then you can install the plugins you use on the profiles you need them. I have firebug installed on my work profile and keep one profile clean for browsing.

  6. Perhaps it’s faster here because I’m running what some may consider “on the edge” versions, like:
    X.Org Server 1.7.3
    Nvidia 195.30
    Pango 1.26

    Maybe under a second to maximise the browser

    Under a second to being able to use the current tab and browse websites if you want me to be specific.


    Why? You don’t have a keyboard?

    possibly flashblocker with a switch in the menu

    Why have a switch in the menu? It’s better to just be able to click the element to show the the content like most mobile browsers and the most popular flash blocker for Firefox do.

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