Faithful to the rule that I must blog everything that took me more than 15min searching in google I am here again.

This time the post is related to my notebook which mousepad doesnt support double tap (poor lenovo :) )

Emulate3buttons – this is the magic key. Wonder how to use it? Just click left+right at the same time.

Also be aware: in the new distros this setting is not changed from xorg.conf  check this article clicks right clicks

The rest is a copy/paste from the post above

The problem is that you can’t just override this in xorg.conf anymore. You need to use xinput. xinput’s powerful, clever, flexible… and totally over the heads of a lot of users. Here’s a script to run from .xinitrc or the equivalent which disables Emulate3Buttons on any input devices which have it. (It’s now called “Middle Button Emulation”, mind.)

xinput list | sed -ne 's/^[^ ][^V].*id=\([0-9]*\).*/\1/p' | while read id
        case `xinput list-props $id` in
        *"Middle Button Emulation"*)
                xinput set-int-prop $id "Middle Button Emulation" 8 0

How this works: We first obtain a list of ID numbers, disregarding those where the second character on the line was V, because xinput list-props doesn’t work on the "Virtual[...] lines for the generic keyboard and mouse. For each such device, we check to see whether it has the feature; if so, we disable it. (The number 8 indicates that we’re setting an 8-bit value; it doesn’t really matter. The disabled state is 0.)