Vacation in Bulgaria

Why you should avoid Bulgaria for your vacation.

  1. If you reserve an apartment or house this doesn’t mean that you will stay for the whole period of the reservation. Also the prices are changing every day and you will be nice surprised that you must pay more at the end of your visit just because the neighborhoods have been rised the prices.
  2. The restaurants are awful, all of them know that you would not return, so they serve outdated food and behave with you like scum.
  3. The car driving is dangerous because there are no rules on the roads. No cops are looking for the law, at least they are sitting in the shadow and feeling well while a few meters of them is happening situation.
  4. There is no normal roads in Bulgaria you will break your car or amortize it with 5 years for a single trip.
  5. The beach is dirty. The sea is dirty and crowd. Newer hotels that are build at the seashore have thrown their rubbish at the sea, and you will find with the sand some terracotta pieces etc.
  6. The ski lifts are expensive and crowded, you pay, and then wait on big tail go get on the lift.
  7. Skiing pists and Sea hotels are build on protected territories which becomes dirty and crowded in a few months.
  8. The prices on the holiday resorts in Bulgaria are doubled for foreigners and to keep the native citizens away.
  9. People are not nice. It is a fake legend that the Bulgarians are nice housekeepers.
  10. If you plan to use taxi you will be 100% cheated if you don’t speak Bulgarian.

Please share with me your experience with your vacation in Bulgaria, negative or positive.

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