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syslog-ng and rails

My Syslog-ng.conf file

The interesting part is the final flag which tells the syslog not to process any further the message. This way the message stays only in the rails application logfile.

log { source(src); filter(f_rails); destination(rails_log); flags(final); };

Here is the whole conf file

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Microsoft has locked Windows Vista Home to only one language


One of my friends has bouth a new laptop from USA and I want to change the base language of his operating system to Bulgarian. The Bulgarian language is fully support by Microsoft. My surprise was big when I got the “Only language please…” from the Regional Settings language switcher pane.

I want to use one language but I don’t want English I want Bulgarian. Why I cant switch it?

The solution come from Vistalizator. This software has fixed all my troubles. Now I have two languages on my Windows Vista Home (who said that Vista Home dosn’t support two languages :) ?

Someone has made already forum/topic where you can express what you feel working with Microsoft products.

Programs for Linux

Ubunto repositories



wget www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks
example: ./winetricks winver=winxp
example: ./winetricks vcrun2005


Disk managment
KDirStat and Baobab


http://pakiti.sourceforge.net/ – monitor and install patches on multiple servers, supports ubunto, and rh



Software and Tutorial Links

Linux firewall with packet string-matching support
Firewall scripts
Debian Kernel how-to
http://myfreesoft.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=52 * in Bulgarian *
Source: http://www.howtoforge.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21
Active Ports (Windows)
Security and Audits Checks & updates
RedHat – http://www.redhat.com/spacewalk/

Prevent DOS attacks with apache2

The apache module that will do the job is called mod_dosevasive. The installation is easy.

Configure the apache2

Edit your httpd.conf (usually located in /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf):

<IfModule mod_dosevasive20.c>
  DOSHashTableSize 3097
  DOSPageCount 2
  DOSSiteCount 50
  DOSPageInterval 1
  DOSSiteInterval 1
  DOSBlockingPeriod 10
  DOSEmailNotify someuser@somedomain.com
  DOSSystemCommand "/dir/command  %s"

Then you can restart

  • /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Be carefull because the options are extremly important. For example if your web application use one file as a controller all the requests will go to this file you will got very often such errors:

client denied by server configuration

Here is a short help on the configuration options

- DOSHashTableSize: is the size of the table of URL and IP combined
- DOSPageCount: is the number of same page requests from the same IP during an interval that will cause that IP to be added to the block list.
- DOSSiteCount: is the number of pages requested of a site by the same IP during an interval which will cause the IP to be added to the block list.
- DOSPageInterval: is the interval that the hash table for IPs and URLs is erased (in seconds)
- DOSSiteInterval: is the intervale that the hash table of IPs is erased (in seconds)
- DOSBlockingPeriod: is the time the IP is blacked (in seconds)
- DOSEmailNotify: can be used to notify by sending an email everytime an IP is blocked
- DOSSystemCommand: is the command used to execute a command when an IP is blocked. It can be used to add a block the user from a firewall or router.
- DOSWhiteList: can be used to whitelist IPs such as

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