Autoicrement the serial in bind zone files

Argh. 30+ zone files and I have to increment all numbers by hand…no way.

Usage:  ./inc.rb in the current directory with all db files.


Dir.glob("*.db") do |file_name|
 new_zone = [] Continue reading

One server, two bind/named process, one domain (with two nameservers)

Yes you need two bind instances

When you register a domain name you provide two nameservers.

Those nameservers the registrarar will know their ip addresses.

in my example the domain is cenite.com and the nameservers are ns1.cenite.com and ns2.cenite.com

Both nameservers are running on signle debian machine. I have started two bind processes on the machine. one is binded to the ns1.cenite.com external interface and ns2.cenite.com is to the other (backup) internet interface.

Here is a tool to check your domain name

Here is example zone file



here are the configuration files.



The good think is when the first internet connection is down, the second will still serve your clients.

Bonus links

Go and switch to tinydns Рpeople say it is much easier to configure  http://cr.yp.to/djbdns/run-server-bind.html

dns zone generator

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