I have switched from Google Chrome to chromium for security and privacy issues. Now I am switching from Chromium to Firefox because of many issues.

Chromium stopped to ship deb packages and start using Snapd. Snap runs in cgroup (probably) and hides very important folders from the OS

  • /tmp
  • ~/.ssh

My access to some payment website was rejected because the certificates are in the ~/.ssh

System tmp
When I download some junk files/attachments I store them in the /tmp folder and on the next system reboot, my /tmp is cleaned. When I can’t access the /tmp from Chrome I have started using ~/tmp/ and have tons of useless files.

When I switch to firefox I noticed that this browser is much faster than Chrome.

Chromuim after migrating to snapd do not work correctly with dbus

Firefox is faster

No easy way to add a custom search engine.