I try to keep my system fast and to know what is running. I was surprised that today I found one mysql instance which was running without my explicit permission. This was the akonadi service.

Akonadi service is some kde tooling for keeping contacts, calendar and notes. Here is a full list of the apps

accountwizard akonadiconsole kalarm themeeditors kmail knotes konsolekalendar kontact korganizer ktnef

If you want to purge it from speed optimized linux do:

rm -r /home/guda/.local/share/akonadi
rm -rf /home/guda/.config/akonadi
rm -rf /home/guda/.kde/share/config/akonadi-firstrunrc

apt-get remove --purge akonadi-backend-mysql akonadi-backend-postgresql akonadi-backend-sqlite mariadb-server-core-10.3
pkill -f akona

Restore it back with sqlite database

I will try to run it for a while with sqlite database to see if there will be speed/ram problems

First change the database driver in settings to sqlite

mkdir /home/guda/.config/akonadi/
cat > /home/guda/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc



Then install some packages

apt install akonadi-backend-sqlite kdepim-runtime  kdepim
apt install kjots 

Then as YOURSELF run

akonadictl start

And if you want to see all the …apps using Akonadi run