Here is the list of the programs that I use

Activator – shortcuts
iCleaner Pro 7.3.0 beta from  repository
FlipControlCenter – replace the original shortcut icons
IPPeek – via activator
AppSync Unified – you need this to install unsinged ipa files.


it has nice list of shortcuts, works bad on ios 9.3.3
MobileTerminal (mine bad choice)  from Karens repo    which is on the same code base iOS Terminal form BigBoss

MTerminal works good –  from the BigBoss repo. – install recommended ios9/ios8/ios7 hacker tools, this includes “newterm” which is updated through ios9. The hacker package installs a bunch of command line utilities like ping, nmap, get, top wget, etc as well. otherwise if you just want terminal just install newterm.


AudioRecored2 from or

AppCake – from

Bridge – import music to Music from

Tried but not using – trying now – tring now and want to try those also
iFile – from here

Not working
PasswordPilot – inserts your apple password automatically
LocallApStore from

Want to try

Winterboard, Dreamboard

Nice liste of more apps

Under linux I use this command to install ipa files.
ideviceinstaller -i /home/guda/Documents/iphone/ipa/openmaps.ipa
This comes from

You have to enable to access to your filesystem, maybe apt-get re-install fuse
here here here