Not happy with WordPress

Dear WordPress (and authors),

I am not happy that you are releasing versions every month.

Here are the weakness that I have experience on my own using the administration.

I am not happy that I can’t learn from the annoying message what is new and to decide myself when to upgrade or not.

And I don’t want 3lines of my screen to be used with such a big label:


WordPress X.X is available! Please update now.


Put this label somewhere that it won’t take so much space. Good choice is the right column in the admin

Also I want to see “remind me after a week, don’t show anymore” links there.

It would be great if you put some nice features in the build in wordpress editor like:

  • DT/DD type lists
  • Code/Pre tags
  • Highlighters for the popullar computer languages

Its really painfull to post IT articles without those.

Maybe the wordpress developers should start bloging with wordpress to check what is missing?

Another thing is when I save a brand new post I am redirected to new page with “Success” message and the page is empty – is very strange – I want my article back – and I don’t want to search for it.

Have you try to insert a link in a post? If I put a link to wordpress in the middle of a sentence the link will not stop.

Why I don’t have the option under install or in “plugins” to install a spell checker for the used/selected language?

WP is nice for writing such helpfull articles. I expect a perfect blogging expierience from the world leading bloging platform.

Best wishes and happy coding.

/The user

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  1. What about some copy/paste from wordpress blog? Try copy paste from the example here

    Note the single quotes.

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