For MSI Notebooks

Don’t buy MSI. Look for HP, IBM or some real brand.

  1. The lid of the laptop is breaking – I haveĀ  MSI 3 laptops and all of them are broken. One of my friends has the luck to return his laptop and now he is with a nice HP machine – lucky man. It was 6 months for repairing.
  2. The wireless is loosing connection all the time. My wife is with IBM and she is chating chating chating, and I am reconnecting, reconnecting reconecting….
    Update:The MSI lan adaptor has gone away. The only way to use Internet is via the integrated broken wireless. I hate MSI.
  3. The heat is like an oven – my son don’t want to play NFS because of the heat. Me too.
  4. The LCD screen gets on some dark and light spots very soon
  5. The material for the laptop is not good – not nice to touch. The silver color is quickly gone and ugly black places are shown
  6. If you enable the 32 bit access mode Linux kernel wont work (tested till ubunto 8.10
    1. After such try you must remove the battery start the power without any AC and return the power – is this magic ?
  7. The fan of the notebook is making awfull noise. The fan costs 40EUR and there no garantee that the new fan will be the same like the old one.
    1. The fan never stops
  8. Their support is not answering on ANY of the problems pointed here. maybe all from MSI are dead. Who knows.
  9. The microphone is very quiet and the this makes it impossible to talk with skype, btw why they have put the camara then?
  10. The mouse which they give as a bonus doesnt work – both 2 are broken, missing some clicks from time to time.
  11. Try searching for “MSI fan” in google. I got this result. Internet is full of “happy” MSI owners.


I want my money back! for all 2 laptops that I have bought.

I will publish some pictures soon.