Registering in DMOZ/Bulgaria


Nor dmoz is alive nor my site up anymore…

I am curious to see how much time will take to register my website in DMOZ. My website is old and has thousands of visits per day.

Till now I don’t have site included in DMOZ just because all my requests were silently ignored.

Now I will keep track on this registration with the help of my blog.

I have registered the website in all the categories that are suitable for it, here and here

I have heard that google likes DMOZ but I never suppose that google like DMOZ so much that it uses information from there check this google page.

  • Date of the registration: May 4th, 2008
    • I am optimistic! Finaly I think that I have point the right categories.
  • Checkpoint: 8 June, 2008
    • No results….Getting nervous and pesimistic
    • I have read here that one of the editors has waiting second registration for an entry to publish it. lets do it

I will give one more month for the Bulgarian editors before I say something bad against them.

Please help me to NOT curse the Bulgaria Internet. is the biggest price monitoring website in Bulgaria.

It is online from 4 years and STILL is no-one has included it in DMOZ even I have write sevaral times.

The Bulgarian version of DMOZ in my opinion is compromized!

Another try in this category here, I hope that this time the editor will not accept only friends.

Another finger for the DMOZ/bulgaria editors. Today I found this nice URL

I will use it.  Here is the FAQ


  1. I got response!

    The guy here sais that I have mistaken the category in which I want to submit the website and he has moved it further.

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