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Publishing article with SEO rules

As I want to keep this post secret as possible I will not follow those rules here :)

  1. which keywords I need to have into the title of the article
  2. which additional keywords I need to have into the subtitle
  3. which text I want to promote to Heading or make it strong
  4. check the most important text in the article that has nice keyword density around my important information.
  5. if there are abbreviations – add the acronym tag to describe them.
  6. all images should have nice alt/title/file name text, When possible add link to the image to relevant information.
  7. links:
    1. which are my important links (containing keywords)
    2. which links should be interesting to be linked on psspy/dagens archive for more news
    3. does all links have title / alt tags, what keywords can I add there?
  8. do I want to provide a box with related news on this article

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Registering in DMOZ/Bulgaria


Nor dmoz is alive nor my site up anymore…

I am curious to see how much time will take to register my website in DMOZ. My website is old and has thousands of visits per day.

Till now I don’t have site included in DMOZ just because all my requests were silently ignored.

Now I will keep track on this registration with the help of my blog.

I have registered the website in all the categories that are suitable for it, here and here

I have heard that google likes DMOZ but I never suppose that google like DMOZ so much that it uses information from there check this google page.

  • Date of the registration: May 4th, 2008
    • I am optimistic! Finaly I think that I have point the right categories.
  • Checkpoint: 8 June, 2008
    • No results….Getting nervous and pesimistic
    • I have read here that one of the editors has waiting second registration for an entry to publish it. lets do it

I will give one more month for the Bulgarian editors before I say something bad against them.

Please help me to NOT curse the Bulgaria Internet. is the biggest price monitoring website in Bulgaria.

It is online from 4 years and STILL is no-one has included it in DMOZ even I have write sevaral times.

The Bulgarian version of DMOZ in my opinion is compromized!

Another try in this category here, I hope that this time the editor will not accept only friends.

Another finger for the DMOZ/bulgaria editors. Today I found this nice URL

I will use it.  Here is the FAQ

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