As I want to keep this post secret as possible I will not follow those rules here :)

  1. which keywords I need to have into the title of the article
  2. which additional keywords I need to have into the subtitle
  3. which text I want to promote to Heading or make it strong
  4. check the most important text in the article that has nice keyword density around my important information.
  5. if there are abbreviations – add the acronym tag to describe them.
  6. all images should have nice alt/title/file name text, When possible add link to the image to relevant information.
  7. links:
    1. which are my important links (containing keywords)
    2. which links should be interesting to be linked on psspy/dagens archive for more news
    3. does all links have title / alt tags, what keywords can I add there?
  8. do I want to provide a box with related news on this article