It was really tricky. To get the key out I have to pull it stright away with one screwdriver. But when I have to mount it back – it was nightmare!!!!

Those keyboards are getting really challenge. I can’t imagine how a kid will repair his keyboard in 2019 year.

So….The for me it was really easy if because I have found this post here.

  1. find a way to lock your screen
  2. mount the parts on the keyboard! not on the key
  3. Make sure that the little part of the deck-chair is mounted on first on the bottom parts of the laptop keyboard
    1. slide it from top to bottom to hold it firmly
  4. The big part of the deck-chair will lie on top of the laptop keyboard mount. Then with shrink it a little so that it falls in the holes bellow
  5. Next the put the key ontop of the already mounted deck-chair. but not exactly on top but a little bellow the middle point in a way that you can slip to down and above. This way the key will get mounted on the deck-chair (lower part). Next press it down to stick firmly the top part of the deck-chair.

Here is the picture of the Lenovo Y510.

check this