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Clean Architecture :: #svelte, #architecture
Good reading with resources and examples
It looks that chatgpt is good to show example project structure for hexagonal, clean and vertical design.
I used the following prompt “show sample file/folder structure for svelte application following the vertical design”
Verticle design architecture –
svelte example –

OData – Open Data Protocol :: #api, #REST
When talking REST there is a need for standard communication.
OData is a standardization of RESTful APIs, offering a uniform way to query and manipulate data. It provides a rich set of query capabilities directly in the URL, allowing for complex querying, filtering, sorting, and paging without additional
For example encoding the params the same way in the urls:
– $filter: Filter results are based on conditions (e.g., get customers with an email containing “”).
– $orderby: Sorts results based on specific properties (e.g., order products by price ascending).
– $select: Selects only specific properties of an entity (e.g., retrieve just name and category from products).
– $top and $skip: Limits the number of returned entities (e.g., get the first 10 customers or skip the first 20 and retrieve the rest).
– $expand: Retrieves related entities along with the main entity (e.g., get a customer with their associated orders).
There is nice [tutorial](

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blog with nice projects

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k6 :: #benchmark, #api, #data-listener
Nice and easy tool to do benchmark and load testing

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